Stretch Marks Treatment

Are you shy of wearing clothes, which will expose your skin tarnished by stretch marks due to pregnancy or because you had rapid changes in weight? While some stretch marks are light, others can be thick and dark which make the skin look unsightly.

Stretch marks occur due to break down of collagen and elastic tissue. This happens when the skin gets stretched beyond its natural capacity, as a result of which, underlying support structures breakdown. The appearance of stretch marks is permanent and unfortunately no creams work to reduce their appearance.

At Radiance Medispas, we offer treatments which can help to smooth your skin enough and make you feel confident again. You will require several sessions to see visible improvement. We use CO2 Fractional laser which helps to stimulate and rebuilding of broken collagen and elastic fibers. We also have the amazing microneedle RF treatment, which helps in improving stretch marks. Both treatments can be combined or you can opt for either of the treatments, based on your needs and budget. Radiance Medispas also has body shaping treatment, which helps in firming flabby areas like tummy.

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