Renewderm: Skin Tightening

RenewDerm is one of the best seller services offered at Radiance Medispas. We are the only skin clinic in India to own the patented technology from Israel and are pleased to offer the premium anti-aging treatment, which works without any invasive procedures.

RenewDerm is a comprehensive treatment, which offers correction of all signs of aging like drooping eyelids, sagging cheeks and jaws, excess facial fat, wrinkles, and pigmentation irregularities. A wonderful treatment which unbelievably corrects all concerns. The technology delivers safe and effective treatment and ensures practically no downtime! Using radiofrequency thermal heat, the Active 313 from Israel, is a class apart machine which will take years off of your face.

To get optimum results, 5 sessions are required, which are spaced at an interval of 1 month. 1 day of indoor protection is recommended post-treatment. This treatment is recommended for matured skin above 35.