Laser Hair Reduction

Radiance Medispas – the best skin clinic in Bangalore for removal of unwanted body hair!

Unwanted body hair is undesirable and poses a problem for many women. Everyone wishes for a smooth and a silky skin and excessive body hair could be very embarrassing. The common methods of hair removal are waxing, shaving and bleaching. All of these methods have their own drawbacks and are temporary solutions.

At Radiance Medispas, we offer the best laser treatment for hair removal in Bangalore and using the laser for removing unwanted hair is a safe method, which can help in significant hair growth reduction. Multiple sessions are needed, which are spaced apart in few months interval. A minimum of 8 sessions are needed for achieving desirable results with the laser treatment for hair removal.

We employ the latest treatment modalities @ Radiance Medispas

We offer the best of the two laser technologies at Radiance Medispas. We have FDA approved long pulsed Nd Yag and Diode lasers. Depending on your hair and skin type, we will decide what works best for you and use that specific laser treatment for hair removal to achieve the desired results. Make an appointment today and experience freedom from undesired hair forever and enjoy smooth skin.

We offer the best in class laser hair removal in Bangalore; visit us today to be rid of unwanted hair!

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