Clearderm Facial

Are you just above 30 but appear to be much older than that?

Hectic lifestyle and environmental aggressors can trigger early ageing. The obvious changes that appear are fine lines and age spots, which give a blotchy and aged look. The facial skin starts to sag and loses its elasticity. Skin tone becomes uneven. All these skin changes can make a person appear much older than their actual age.

We offer CO2 fractional laser resurfacing. It is a superficial laser peeling which, helps to lighten the skin, tightens up the open pores by collagen stimulation and erases fine lines. Combined with this treatment, either Q Switched Nd Yag or microneedle RF treatment can be combined to give added benefits of brightening and improved skin texture and color.

Post CO2 Fractional laser, skin care for 1 week is very important as during this period, the skin undergoes peeling and healing. Please do not plan this treatment well in advance before a function or festival.

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